Oslo lockdown.

Obama is here. Oslo has gone crazy – I’ve never seen so many police, so many barricades with metal detectors etc, nor have I seen a helicopter fly so low, let alone three of them. I’m tempted to go in to Olso today, but I’m also really not. The chance of seeing Obama are slight – ok, let’s be honest – the chances of none existent. I can hear helicopters from Kringsja – and I’m 20 minutes away by TUBE. I’m nowhere NEAR the centre and I can hear helicopters? I think I’ll stay in Kringsja… (also, the fact that I’m ill and feel like crap means I want to stay here too). There’s a protest on the 12th about climate change, which I might attend. I’ve had so many opportunities to head to CPH again and protest there – it’s only 8 hours by coach, but this is my last weekend in Oslo (next weekend I will be in Tromso) so I want to spend it here with my friends. I will post photos of the posters that I have for the protest when I can upload them…


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