My relationship with Walter…

My relationship with Walter is getting out of hand.

Before you wonder about my Norwegian relationships, you should perhaps have a look at the photograph below:

Walters Mandler

Walters Mandler

I have THE biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know – it’s ridiculous. I am going to have to start watching how much sugar I consume… but I love ‘Walters Mandler’! I’m going to miss it so much when I leave! :( I will have to have it sent to me…

What lead to this post was the fact that I managed to consume a large bar of ‘Walters Mandler’ in ONE EVENING, without the aid of anyone else…

‘Walters Mandler’ translates to ‘Walters Almonds’. But: Hvem er Walter? (Who is Walter?)

According to the packaging Walter has been an employee of Freia, the main Norwegian chocolate brand, since 1971. He is known to come up with exciting things to do with chocolate, with ‘Walters Mandler’ being is his latest masterpiece – a concoction of milk chocolate with salted, roasted, caramelized almonds.

For those of you who wonder if Norwegian chocolate is any good – I will tell you: It is. I also love Krokanrull too. Nomnomnom. Freia are the manufacturers of ‘Daim’ bars too – most of you will know what these are, if not, go buy them in Tesco… ‘Daim’ bars are available anywhere in the UK.

Freia have a sign in the centre of Oslo, down Karl Johans Gate – the main shopping street. It’s my favourite sign in the whole of Oslo (I will try to video it soon, so you can see it…) as it lights up continuously. Here’s a photo:

Freia sign, Karl Johans Gate, Oslo August 09

Freia sign, Karl Johans Gate, Oslo August 09


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