This fantastic short film was created by the French graphic design group H5 and took four years to complete (according to Boingboing.net) Here are some stills I have also taken from the site:


Logorama - LA View

Logorama - LA View

Logorama - Metro Goldwyn Meyer Lion

Logorama - Metro Goldwyn Meyer Lion

The story of the animation includes characters, such as Ronald McDonald, the Michelin man, the Pringles man, the Haribo kid, Big Boy and the Green Giant. You often see Bentley logos flying around, or the MSN butterfly logo. The IBM logo ‘building’ collapses at one stage. LA is created by using a variety of logos from all over the world – my Danish friend claimed she saw two Danish company logos within the film.

It is an AMAZING film and should be seen by any who have the chance! Entertaining throughout, though it lasts only 15 minutes, it is incredibly interesting and can be interpreted in a variety of ways…



One Response to “LOGORAMA”

  1. Marcus Roberto Says:

    I’ve seen this short today and WOW! It’s completely mindblowing! Spectacular footages and very, very creative. I’m from Brazil and watching just two times I could spot one brazilian logo: the Unibanco building, that appears at the start of the earthquake. It’s a Brazilian bank. Definitely one of my favourites films to win the Oscar 2010 (it may run up for best Short Animated Film).

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