Free Speech/Offensive?

Is there a difference? Will what you say always offend someone? Where do we draw the line?

This project has snowballed – it began with a rough stencil of a Burkha that I wanted to use to portray the idea of community, through highlighting the word ALL within Allah. I will go through the process and designs that have lead to where I am now, but I am so torn between thinking my work is really cleverly illustrated – to believing it to be so offensive? I don’t actually know that I could post it on here, I would feel bad?

As a project, it has made me push boundaries – and I believe I really have started to think and develop my ideas into radical/politically charged posters – but it has also made me produce designs that promote a message I don’t agree with and would never have promoted before?

Where do we draw the line? The work I have created will, no doubt, match the opinion of someone somewhere – but will not doubt offend countless others? As designers, if someone came to us with a brief that went against our opinions – would we be willing to create work?? Because I had always assumed that I would not be able to create work effectively enough, should I not agree with or believe in it – but some of the work I have produced is possible better than work I have produced related to issues I feel strongly about? Does anyone have any answers?!


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