Controversial Project?

So, I WILL upload images of my final work on the CLIMATE CHANGE CAMPAIGN, however, I thought I would inform you of my new project. Sigur, my tutor for this project on ‘Strategisk design’ has set the task of creating a selection of three politically charged posters, each from a different sender to a different receiver.

The topic of the posters is “God is dead, Allah is alive.”

The world today is so PC about everything and initially, as a class, we had some doubt about this project – especially as he was wanting the work to be fit for our portfolios? I couldn’t imagine placing a piece of work related to this topic in my portfolio… but we shall see.

Whilst sketching in my book, I created a line drawing of a Burkha – the clothing worn by Muslim women. When I attempted to transfer the image into Illustrator, I noticed that it also resembled a Nun’s habit – so whilst the work isn’t quite on target with the set topic statement, it is thought provoking in a more positive way.

There’s more work to be done on this piece, so I will upload final work when it is completed.

I should also probably state, that it is not my intention to offend anyone in any way and I apologise if I do so. I’m working to a brief that is set out by my teacher to help us to learn to push boundaries and create effective, strategical design – however against our beliefs it may be. It is not going to be possible to always create design that we agree with, in the industry you are working for the CLIENT and it is the client’s message that you must portray. In any case, with any design – you cannot please everyone.


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