Hello Alex, where have you been hiding?

Finally, today I found my old self again. I’ve been searching for the drive that I had two years ago during my foundation course and suddenly, the project that I had been stressing over made SENSE and had a DIRECTION. Ahhhh! I’m so excited about the project – and at finding myself inspired enough to put in EFFORT.

I won’t say too much about the project right now, I want to get some visuals done first – but the basis of my project has been derived from my history working with the Student Stop AIDS Campaign. Knowing how a campaign works, and what makes it work well is crucial. There is due to be a lot of human interaction, getting people involved – and a LOT of hard work. I want this project to actually achieve what it is meant to – not just be handed in on the 6th November as something that ‘could’ be used for this purpose.

Ah! Excited! Here’s a great animation that really made me laugh a lot! Watch it twice because you’ll no doubt miss bits whilst you laugh!


One Response to “Hello Alex, where have you been hiding?”

  1. James Says:


    So crude but so funny.

    ‘Australia is like: WTF?’
    ‘Alaska can come too…’


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