Climate Change Project.

So, I realise that I have a lot more than two weeks to update… and I am planning on getting round to it, but things have been HECTIC, if not slightly CRAZY in Oslo!

I received our new brief on Monday – it is on climate change, with specific reference to the conference that will be occurring in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 7th December. If you don’t know anything about this conference, type it in to Google – this is your planet, and it is important that you do everything you can to save it from the devastation that we have caused.

This project, due in on the 6th November, is focussing on creating an advertising campaign to raise awareness and pressure politicians into action. Atleast, that seems to be what I have gathered from the brief, that is written in not-perfect Norwegian, by a Swiss teacher, who doesn’t speak English…… interesting.

Here is a video that I have found to be quite interesting. Created by ‘youth producer, John Cooney’ this anmination was Winner in the 5th Annual Media That Matters Film Festival and is titled ‘Neglected Sky’.


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