I know, I know…

I have TWO weeks to update. Wow, that will take some time and I apologise that it won’t be in chronological order… but working back from my most recent memories is probably a better idea!

At the moment, I am in class working on my new project. We have to design 3 typographic book covers for the literatary novels Robinson Crusoe, 1001 Nights and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. They have to appear to possibly be part of a larger series of literary books – or allow the possibility of extending the series. I like the idea of this project – Kai, my tutor, is really managing to inspire me with my work. (I can actually wikipedia him, though it is in Norwegian…) His work is very hand based graphics – yet he has managed to be incredibly successful and is still sought after by magazines etc. In a world where we are pushed to use digital technologies, he inspires me to stay hand based, which is what I prefer and enjoy.

Right this second, I am currently working out what typeface I could use – and whether or not I want it to be hand-drawn. Whilst I do this, I will try to work out what Oslo stories to share with you…


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