My first week @ KHiO

I have officially survived a week at KHiO! I absolutely LOVE it here, I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a long time.

The second day at KHiO began with another welcoming ceremony – this time involving the entire academy. It was held at the new build, at Fossveien 24. At present they are still building there, though certain areas have been completed & so a few faculties – namely, the theatre and opera, I believe – have moved in. The build is due to be completed in time for next year, so I have arrived at KHiO at the end of an era! After this year, Ullevålsveien 5 will be no more!

The new KHiO build, Fossveien 24, Oslo.

The new KHiO build, Fossveien 24, Oslo.

Anyway, the opening ceremony  was in Norwegian, but it was really interesting. It was held in the ‘hall’ – which is more of an open space for people to meet, eat and relax? It’s not like an auditorium, where there are rows upon rows of seats. It gave the ceremony a really nice atmosphere. Some of the students performed as well – a Norwegian folk song opened the ceremony. They were fantastic, it was really nice to see a display of the talent at the school. Apparently we are allowed to go and watch the performances for free, if we register our names beforehand – I will definitely be doing that!

Afterwards, we had a meeting about the IT facilities and processes with logging on etc… a little bit boring, so I won’t go into detail! We also received our KHiO student cards! I am officially a KHiO student!

On Wednesday, we were briefed on our first project. It reads like a story & is very different to any brief from AUCB.

Map Design brief from KHiO

Map Design brief from KHiO

The basic story reads that I was an exchange student in Japan for one year & a Japanese family were very kind to me – taking me to many sights, such as Tokyo, Kyoto, etc… They have decided to come to Norway and want my help in advising them where to visit. They have a fair amount of money & plan to spend one month in the country, with at least one week spent in Oslo. The father is a history professor, the mother an architect, their daughter is an art grad student, whilst their son is 21, likes music and is interested in food or becoming a chef. They require two maps: one of Oslo, one of Norway. The maps have to be on PAPER and can only be ONE SIDED. They must also be able to be mailed to Japan.

I have until the 4th September to complete the project, when I will present it to the rest of my class. Unlike England, where there are criteria to guide me – Kai (the tutor) has given us this open brief & wants us to use our own style to create an visually interesting map. Kai has a collection of maps – alike many creative people, he hoards things!

I really like this brief – it’s very open, but there are limitations due to the fact that we are creating a map & there are quite obvious requirements of map design, such as legibility, transportation etc. It’s quite difficult to think of a way to create a unique and interesting map – the normal and most coherent communication in map design is the use of symbols, colours, numbers etc to signify specific areas of interest. I think that this is unavoidable and to try anything different could affect the communication of the message & possibly confuse the user. I have decided that the way to approach these designs is not to change the MAP, more the way it is presented on the page.

We are generally left to do our own research and designs, though we can ask the tutors for guidance and/or the other students. We are due to meet on Monday to discuss our progress so far.


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