My first day at KHiO.

So, here is a video I decided I would make to tell you about my day… big mistake. Not only did it cut out halfway through, it took so much effort to get it into a format that I can post for you to see! But finally, it works! SO, I’m going to type about the rest of my first day at KHiO. Watch the video below first, and then carry on reading! 

So, I began to tell you about the competition. The students entered work that was up against a number of Japanese students, many of whom were in their fourth year. The Norwegian students who submitted work were all from their 1st year & they received some praise for their designs. From what I gathered, the competition was about ‘Reflectors’ and the designs had to make fashionable items reflective. One student designed a selection of gloves that used reflective thread, another designed a collection of Tote bags with reflective designs. It was interesting to see the ideas behind the work.

Once the presentation was over, we went down to the cafeteria to have a chance to get to know each other. The third years didn’t come along – they have all been working together for a number of years, so they already know each other! Alicia, the exchange student from Barcelona, and I sat with the first year Visual Communication students. They all seem really nice & we had a really good time chatting with them. Being sat in the same working space as the third years, I don’t doubt that we will get to know them soon. It’s nice that we can get to know the other years too.


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