A few things I forgot to mention…

I think there have been a few details I forgot about in previous posts, so here’s a quick update – though no doubt, I will forget to include everything in this post!!

I am still living in the hotel – I have been here for almost two weeks now. Earlier this week I received an email informing me that there are rooms available at Bjolsen Studentby, and it would be possible to change my contract from Krinsgja to Bjolsen. I decided against moving to Bjolsen, for a number of reasons, including that I have friends in Kringja, Sognsvann lake is beautiful, the T-Bane station is closer to Kringsja, Bjolsen is more expensive and, the all important decider, SIO Accommodation are currently paying for my hotel room, which is in the perfect location of the centre of Oslo. Why would I move and begin to pay for a room when I’m not obliged to?! Also, Su (my chinese room mate) managed to get her room in Sogn Studentby on Thursday, so she has now moved out & I have a hotel room all to myself! Fantastic!!

Adrian, the third year student I have been speaking with this past week, adores Russell Brand! His English accent is almost perfect – there is hardly a hint of any foreign accent, and he is so fluent it’s like talking with an English person. I don’t even have to speak slowly or repeat myself, and he has a vocabulary range that is astounding. In truth, all Norwegians are completely fluent – definitely the best English speaking country I have heard, it really is remarkable. I have heard very little Nor-English – this only occurs from the teachers, if I’m honest. I think it’s possibly because they may not have learnt English from such a young age? Nowadays, it really is the Universal language.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this in my video – but Agnes is studying Costume, Eva is studying Interior Architecture and Furniture, whilst Alicia and myself are on the BA Visual Communication. I have yet to see the Norwegian exchange student in one of our classes, which baffles me slightly?

I am due to begin Norwegian lessons in a few weeks time. I’m disappointed that it’s taken so long to arrange because the longer I have little knowledge of the language, the more I look like the stereotype of the ‘ignorant English’. At least the other students are having to speak in a second tongue! I just look lazy. I intend to continue with Norwegian when I come back to England because it is so similar to the other Scandinavian languages – the difference between the languages is more based upon dialect, so alike the differences between Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England? I think there are 18 million people in Scandinavia? Knowing Norwegian would allow me to access 18 million people via my Graphic Design! Last night I learnt that ‘skål’ means cheers! It is pronounced ‘Sk-oh-l’

I have also heard from the Student Stop AIDS Society back in England, so there is more work for them to be done! I’m going to be collaborating with James Addison to create their Briefing booklet, along with posters for various campaigns and events! I love creating work that means something to me & has a real impact on life. There is quite a quick turnaround for this project, so I thought it better to collaborate – a problem shared is a problem halved, no? Not that this really classifies as a problem! James is so talented, it will be really great to work with him & the work will no doubt be truly fantastic. It’s all quite exciting! I will write more about this project on my regular blog: http://alexandraclarke.wordpress.com

I think that was everything for now…!


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