Pre-Party Kringsja Style!

As promised, Roberto invited me to a pre-drinks at Kringsja. I had a really great time, meeting lots of people from all over the world. Many of them are studying at BI, the Management school in Oslo.

Roberto, Hilda, Igor & Myself at the Kringsja pre-party. Photo by Moritz Flunkert.

Roberto, Hilda, Igor & Myself at the Kringsja pre-party. Photo by Moritz Flunkert.

It was really great to meet people at Kringsja, but also great to meet people from such a variety of backgrounds & courses! It was a really interesting night. One thing I will say though, I have never found alcohol SO expensive! I bought SIX cans of CIDER and it cost me 200 kr i.e. £20 – TWENTY POUNDS!! How does cider manage to cost so much!? It’s unbelievable… They do have a system where you return your cans to the store and receive 1 kr per can back – 10pence, but it’s good that they have a recycling system in place.

I had taken my camera – minus the memory card. I was so annoyed…

After the pre-party, the majority of those at the party left to go into the centre of Oslo. I didn’t go with them – most of them were BI students from the same course, so it was more of a ‘course’ night out and I didn’t want to intrude. I helped Roberto clean up & got the 23.55 train back to Jernbanetorget.

The train was full of drunk students headed to Chateau Neuf or to another club, the name I do not know. Chateau Neuf appears to be like a Student Union? It is right next to the Music Academy.

When the train reached Blindern, a group of Norwegians got on & I began talking with them. They were headed to a rock bar and got off at Nationaltheatret station, two stops before my station. I decided to take a risk – and got off at Nationaltheatret too. The rock bar turned out to be just down the street from my hotel – quite why they got off two stops before Jernbanetorget, I’m not quite sure? The bar was quite small but filled with people. We got a couple of rounds of Heineken – 150 kr (£15) for a MASSIVE jug of Heineken, and three pint glasses to share it, though I didn’t end up paying for a round myself?! When it came to getting the third round, no one wanted another drink – which was great news for me, though I did feel bad!

I had a really good night talking with Christian and Jo – managing to meet Janita, as well as a girl studying Graphic Design at another art academy in Oslo. I switched details with Janita – we are planning on visiting the Botanical Museum at some point next week, and talked politics with the boys. I found it strange that I could talk about Politics, as it’s not something I have ever thought I was interested in – obviously I subconsciously take in much more information than I think!!


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