Listening to the cricket, time for an Oslo update…

It is Sunday & I have had a lazy day! I actually have not left the hotel. Originally, the plan was the visit the Vigelandsparken (sculpture park) and possibly the Viking Ship Museum, but after beginning to listen to the Ashes, I cannot tear myself away!! So, I have resolved to update my blog on every going on in Oslo so far.

I joined a Facebook group for people living at Kringsja Studentby and then wrote on the wall, hoping to meet some people at Kringsja whilst I am stuck in the centre of Oslo! A Brazilian called Roberto messaged me and said he would invite me to any parties that his apartment had. On Wednesday I went to see the lake at Kringsja – called Sognsvann, I believe. It is such a stunning view – I really cannot wait to live at Kringsja!

View of Kringsja Lake.

View of Kringsja Lake.

Earlier on Wednesday, before visiting the lake, I walked with Sabine to the Music Academy for her first day. It is about a half hour walk from the hotel, and we chose to walk past the Slottet – the Royal Palace, and through the Slottsparken.

The Royal Palace, Oslo.

The Royal Palace, Oslo.

Slottsparken, Oslo.

Slottsparken, Oslo.

After reaching her University, I decided to walk back in the general direction of the hotel – I didn’t go back the same route & I didn’t take out a map, until I wanted to really know where I was! I managed to find my way onto St Olavs Gate and on that road is the Museum of Applied Art. Ironically, the next road is Ullevalsveien 5 – where KHiO is. It was free to look at the exhibitions & it was really interesting. There was an visiting exhibition ‘Norway Says 10’ celebrating the tenth anniversary of a group of Norwegian designers who have gained international recognition for their work – Norway Says consist of Torbjorn Anderssen, Andreas Engesvik and Espen Voll. The exhibition showcased their furniture that has introduced the world to Norwegian design.

Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo.

Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo.

The Kunstindustrimuseet (Museum for Applied Arts) is a part of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design – which has four buildings around Oslo; The National Museum of Architecture, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Museum of Decorative Arts & Design (Applied Arts) & The National Gallery. For more information on The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (the photo shown above was from their site) please visit:


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