Arriving in Oslo.

So, Monday the 17th August was the most hectic day ever.

After reading instructions from KHiO, I decided I should head there first to pick up all the relevant information that I needed, so after arriving in Oslo an hour late due to the wheel change, I got on a bus to the centre of the city. It cost 140 kr and took about 40 minutes. I arrived at the Bussterminalen and walked toward OsloCity – a shopping mall, where I then took the No. 37 bus. I got off at the Nordahl Bruns Gate stop, which is on the same street as KHiO.

The doors to KHiO were locked & there was no answer from reception. I walked around the building, asked people and eventually resorted to sitting by the steps waiting for someone to either go in or out. After a while, I managed to get in – at which point I was told that the lady I would need to speak with was on holiday. So, with the help of a Norwegian student, I went to the train station to go to Kringsja Studentby.

Buying a ticket to get on the train was hard work! In the end of bought a single ticket for 25kr & went to the platform for Train 3 to Sognsvann. When it didn’t arrive on time, I spoke with a Norwegian guy next to me. His accent confused me – it was a strange mixture that sounded very English! He also got onto the train & we talked about Oslo and Ipswich until he reached his station. I carried on to the penultimate stop; Kringsja.

Kringsja platform sign.

Kringsja platform sign.

Kringsja Studentby from the Train Station

Kringsja Studentby from the Train Station

I reached the Reception & sat for near an hour to be seen – I had a ticket with a number, alike the ones you find at meat counters! And the sound to signal an available attendant was like a surgery waiting room! I was so looking forward to having my own room & then I was told that they were FULL. So, I came out of Kringsja and on to the train again, headed back towards Oslo centre. I got off at Jernbanetorget – right by Oslo S (the main train station) and checked in at the Rico Oslo Hotel. The student accommodation are paying for my hotel room, which is a twin with another student. I also get free breakfast & internet – whilst also being in the very heart of Oslo, which is fantastic.

I arrived at the hotel at 4.30pm, very tired and very hungry! I went to get some food from Egon, which cost me 178kr – about £18 for a quesadilla and small coke! Oslo is expensive…! After eating, I came back to the hotel and fell fast asleep!!


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