Hello Oslo!

So, the day has finally arrived.

It has come around far too quickly – I don’t quite understand where the time has gone!! At present, I am sat at Gate A15 at Heathrow Airport, London waiting to board my flight – which has been delayed from 7.55am until 8.30am due to a wheel change. No matter, it allows me time to write my blog.

I forgot how unbelievably huge Heathrow is, I almost started hyper-ventilating when I saw that I would require 10 minutes to reach my gate from the security check ins! Luckily, being in Section A, it’s not that far!!

I’m sat by a sushi bar that has a giant neon butterfly as it’s logo.


'Itsu' Heathrow Airport, London.

'Itsu' Heathrow Airport, London.



Also, has anyone ever noticed how ugly the British Airways uniform is?? I wasn’t able to take a photo without appearing rude or strange, so type it in to Google and let me know what you think!


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